Unique movie theater offers seat-side service

August 16, 2017 by  

The Cinemark Reserve Lincoln Square recently opened on Bellevue Way in Bellevue. The state-of-the-art movie theatre allows guests to select their own seats and butter their own popcorn.

Upon entering the theater, a touchscreen begins the experience with the ability to choose seats. Next to the bar and lounge a few steps away is a self-service butter station for popcorn.

The seating itself consists of luxury lounge seats that have a heating option and the ability to recline. There is also a button for ordering food from a full-service restaurant that offers sandwiches, pizza, salad, gourmet appetizers, and high-end desserts. The food is brought directly to the seats by servers.

As the cinema is only for those over the age of 21, there is also a full-service bar.

James Meredith of Cinemark commented that this is the only theater of its kind in the state of Washington with food and drink service to each seat. The screen itself is curved with wraparound sound that pulls viewers directly into the movie.

The cinema will show more typical movies, but also featured will be arthouse films, musicals, operas, plays, and concerts.

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