Largest wine retailer heads for Bellevue

May 8, 2012 by  

The country’s largest independent fine wine, spirit and beer retailer is heading to Bellevue, and it is on the lookout for members of staff to join the store. It will be located at 699 120th Avenue in Wilburton Crossing – the former site of Larry’s Market.

There will no doubt be much poster printing ahead of the Total Wine & More launch, with the grand opening taking place in late June. But before then, members of staff will be needed, and local job seekers are urged to apply.

All positions in the store are being looked for, from cashier to manager, and applications are now being accepted.

To ensure they are up to the excellent service provided by the chain, each employee will undertake three weeks of training and familiarization. The course covers a range of topics, including the different wine producing regions and techniques and different brewing methods.

Ongoing training is also provided, ensuring that customers have the value of the best current knowledge and experience, to help make the best purchase.

The launch marks the 81st location of the chain across America, but is the first time the stores vast collection has been brought to Washington state. As well as having more than 3,000 fine wines, Total Wine offers 3,000 spirits, 2,500 beers and a host of hard to find and locally produced labels.

The venue will also be used for private tastings and consumer courses. Special events will also be hosted, ensuring print shops in town will be under heavy demand.