Fashion designers boost careers with reality TV show

January 7, 2013 by  

Fashion designers from the Seattle area will have a chance to boost their businesses by taking part in a reality TV show called ‘The Look’.

The reality program will be filmed at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), located in Seattle. Three of the competitors are IADT alumni and one competitor is an instructor from IADT. The prize for winning the competition is $10,000 to invest in their design business, an appearance in 425 Magazine, and the chance to display their new collection in Neiman Marcus which is located in Bellevue, Washington.

Monir Zandghoreishi, the head of the fashion program department at the International Academy of Design and Technology created and organized the whole concept of The Look. Zandghoreishi is the mentor for the young fashion designers taking part in the show. Each designer is presented with a challenge every Friday morning while the competition is ongoing. Work takes place for the next 14 hours, creating their garment at the IADT from designing and shopping for the fabric to creating the finished piece. Fitting takes place on the Saturday so that models will take to the runway to present the designs. A five-piece collection will be presented by the final three contestants at Neiman Marcus, Bellevue.

Zandghoreishi launched The Look to help new designers to get a helping hand for their business, adding that getting funding is a huge part of being able to start a fashion design business, which some are able to access and others do not. Local poster printing services may be utilized to promote the reality TV show, which is to be filmed in February 2013.