Environmentally conscious drivers soon to be riding in style

March 29, 2012 by  

The world’s first luxury electric car will be sold in Bellevue. The O’Brien Auto Group, the leading car dealer by volume in the Pacific Northwest, has secured the exclusive rights for selling the Fisker Karma in the state of Washington.

According to O’Brien Auto Group owner Michael O’Brien,

“The new line of Fisker cars enable us to offer an environmentally friendly option while, at the same time, delivering on the need for luxury and high performance.”

The dealership has established a showroom at 10692 N.E. 8th Street where customers will be able to inspect and test drive the vehicle.

The Fisker Karma features EVerTM technology that allows it to be driven for extended periods of time. EVerTM is abbreviated to mean Electric Vehicle extended range; this means the Fisker can recharge or be refueled with standard gasoline if necessary. The internal combustion engine is used in conjunction with a Lithium-ion battery. When operating, the Karma provides up to 50 miles of electric driving and an additional 250 miles on standard combustion after electronic power is fully consumed.

There are two modes of driving: Stealth and Sport. Stealth mode consumes the least amount of energy. There is a maximum speed of 95 miles per hour (mph) and a total range of 50 miles. Sport mode increases the top speed to 124 mph and expands the range to 250 miles.

The Fisker Karma retails for $102,000 and comes with a $7,500 tax credit that buyers can apply to their federal income taxes.

“I can’t think of a better market than Bellevue for this line of cars and fully expect to become one of the fastest-growing sales area in the country,” O’Brien was quoted in the Bellevue Reporter.

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