Eastside University of Washington students look forward to shorter commute times

April 3, 2013 by  

By 2023, students of University of Washington traveling west to reach the complex will be able to reduce traveling time as final designs for a light rail line are proposed.

At the end of March, a dicussion was held by the City of Bellevue and Sound Transit at Bellevue’s Highland Community Center, to put forward the final proposed designs for an East Link light rail line, which is due to be finished by 2023.

There will be 10 stations along the 14 miles of light rail line, serving Mercer Island, Seattle, Bellevue, and Overlake. Commute times are expected to be drastically reduced; for instance, a journey from Mercer Island to the University takes around 50 minutes, but with the East Link will only take around 20 minutes.

According to the media relations manager for Sound Transit, Geoff Peters, the rail will be underground, with no traffic or congestion to slow it down, reducing commute times. Sound Transit expects to have completed the design stages by 2015 and then construction can begin. The UW community will also benefit from the University Link connecting Capitol Hill to Westlake Station. The University Link has around 3.5 miles of light rail and is expected to open to the public in 2016.

Information may be cascaded to the general public with the use of local flyer printing services. University students may receive revised information, which will include timetables for the University Link, possibly using brochure printers from the area.