Bellevue College offers last chance for GED

December 20, 2013 by  

Those who have doggedly been pursuing their GED one section at a time need to step up their game or risk having to start at the beginning and be retested. Starting January 1, Washington will be among many states in the U.S. to change over to new computer based GED testing. The new testing system will have four parts instead of five. Incomplete tests will be thrown out when the new testing starts, regardless of how many parts have been completed.

According to State Board of Community administrator Lou Sager, approximately 25,000 residents of Washington state have begun the GED over the past five years. If they can pass the remaining parts before the new program takes effect they can save themselves the trouble of taking the whole test in 2014 says Sager, who also administrates Technical Colleges’ GED exam program.

Adults who have taken parts of the test at one location need not go back there to finish the test but can take the remainder at any other approved location in Washington. Many community colleges in the state offer testing. Bellevue College as well as some other testing centers will be open until Dec. 27 to take or finish the GED. Those who have yet to complete the written essay section have a deadline of Dec. 20 so as to provide the necessary grading time before year’s end.

The new test costs less and requires less time between retakes. Testing centers frequently order flyer printings announcing the availability of testing and many community centers post those as well as flyers announcing pre-GED classes.