Summer swimming set for Auburn

June 2, 2012 by  

Posters are set to go up across Auburn, announcing that The Outlet Beach is slated for a June 16 opening. A large-scale celebration is likely to be seen, with banners and other finery around the site expected to see much use through the summer.

Announcing the new season opening, the director of Auburn Parks and Recreation, Ravi Sharma, admitted there is still much work ahead. He said:

“We’re still planning what we’re going to do.”

He did go on to say that the Center Street facility will be open through the day, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm at night, however. Sharma also ventured into a little further information, saying:

“There should be refreshments available and some information from the watershed commission talking about water quality.”

He also mentioned that there would be new restrooms on site but did warn that no lifeguard would be on duty. To help maintain safety, as well as advertise water quality information, poster printing is likely to be important throughout the facility.

Local businesses may also be interested in how refreshments will be delivered. If kiosks are allowed, for example, some time to arrange for flyer printing and adverts will be needed.

With very few public swimming areas and no pools in Auburn, the beach is a much loved area for residents. In only the second year of its reopening, following the relocation of geese who had settled there, it is likely to be a popular visit by families and groups of friends in 2012.