Public consultation before replacing Algona Transfer Station

November 5, 2012 by  

A public scoping meeting is due to be held at the Green River Community College in Auburn on November 15 to discuss the possible replacement of Algona Transfer Station. There are three options for the replacement of the recycling and solid waste transfer station, which is currently struggling to cope with modern demands.

The two possible sites for a new waste transfer and recycling facility are in Auburn and Algona. King County will hold the public consultation to hear opinions and answer questions from the public. An Environmental Impact Statement has to be prepared by King County for more than one siting option, according to State Environmental Policy Act. When discussing the potential of the two sites, the Environmental Impact Statement will consider the potential impact on the surrounding environment of the two possible sites. However, a third option exists to do nothing and retain the existing site.

The public can comment on the situation or ask questions by attending the meeting, sending a letter, or via the website set up for the project. It is possible that local flyer printing services will be enlisted to ensure everyone is aware of the meeting.

A Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan was created and approved in 2007 by King County Council. The recommendation is to replace the facility, although various criteria have to be met. A new facility would have to have sufficient space to recycle, be enclosed so that dust, noise, and odors are not a problem, and fit in with the local neighborhood.