New Miss Auburn plans to compete for Miss Washington title

February 6, 2013 by  

Following the recent program, Victoria Knight has been crowned Miss Auburn, winning scholarships, gifts, and awards in the process.

During an interview following the competition, Knight spoke of her intention to become Miss Washington. As the winner of the Miss Auburn pageant, Knight automatically qualifies for entry to the Miss Washington Pageant.

Five years previously, Knight won the title of Miss Washington Outstanding Teen, crowned on the Auburn Performing Arts Center stage. Returning to the same stage has ended with Knight being crowned again, for the Miss Auburn Pageant.

The Auburn Noon Lions Club is the sponsor for the Miss Auburn program, which is the largest in the country. According to Knight, the experience she gained five years ago helped her to compete against 16 other contestants, all of whom were extremely talented. Although Knight thought she may stand a chance in the competition, she did not believe that she would be crowned Miss Auburn. Knight also stated that Auburn had not had a Miss Washington for a long time, which is why she was making it her next goal.

Knight is a student at the University of Washington-Tacoma where she is studying towards a Master’s in communications and is also studying management of non-profits. Eventually, Knight would like to become a coordinator for a nonprofit organization. Although the Miss Washington Pageant is a popular event, the organizers will possibly utilize local flyer printing services to promote the event later in the year. The services of local brochure printers may also be required on the day.