Home city swim hero welcomed back to Auburn

August 30, 2012 by  

onday, August 20, saw many residents of Auburn turn out to welcome home Mountainview graduate Ariana Kukors, as the US swim hero attended a reception held in her honor.

Hopes were high for the popular member of the US swim team but, despite being the 200 meter Individual Medley World Champion, she came back to Auburn empty handed following this summer’s efforts.

To recognize her great swim though, banner printing was still in evidence at the reception. To further appreciate the efforts of the 2007 Auburn Mountainview graduate and University of Washington Pac-10 champion, Kukors was presented with the Hometown Hero Award at City Council.

The presentation followed an escorted parade down Main Street and an official welcoming from Auburn City Mayor Pete Lewis.

Kukors, whose preferred strokes are breaststroke, freestyle, and medley, comes from a family of swimmers and first took to the pool at just five years old, largely thanks to her older sister’s involvement in the sport with Auburn University. Her younger sister has also swum for universities.

Though she will have been disappointed not to win a medal, it should be recognized that Kukors was competing in her first major summer event. At 23 years old, she still has plenty of time on her side and is no doubt dedicated to performing in Brazil in four years’ time. Banners and posters are likely to be printed by her Auburn fans to urge the popular local girl to victory.