Challenge to introduce real food to Auburn

December 13, 2012 by  

The latest challenge for the students of Auburn Washington is to introduce real food into Auburn’s university and college campuses by 2020. To emphasize the need for local, organic food, students of The Challenge will present a business model at the Auburn Start-Up Challenge, which has been produced for a restaurant named ‘Locavore Café’, selling organic food produced locally by students.

The employees will hold equal shares in the restaurant, paid in food credits. The Real Food Challenge was launched last year by students in the US who want to create a food system which is fair, green, and healthy. The Real Food Challenge in Auburn will look at ways to introduce a locally-oriented food system, as well as ways to provide genuine food options on campus.

The Real Food Challenge was introduced in 2011 by senior interdisciplinary major Rosco Davis, who believes that people need food to be ecologically sound, humane, and locally-produced, keeping money in the local community. By 2020, the challenge will be to have 20% of the food on college and university campuses in Auburn produced locally.

To fund the challenge, the group has launched a community garden with 55 plots of land measuring 900 square feet. The plots of land will be rented out to people in the community, professors, and students to grow their own food.

The challenge may also benefit local printing companies as flyer printing will be useful for promotion of the restaurant. The business model will be unveiled during the Start-Up Challenge in Auburn. The organization is completely independent, taking the initiative for ideas.