Auburn Community Center construction on again

February 26, 2014 by  

According to an announcement earlier this month, the long envisioned Auburn Community Center is tentatively set to begin construction this July.

Assuming the construction begins at that time, completion is expected in May of 2015. The project was put out to bid four years ago but put on hold due to the struggling economy.

Now the proposed community center is once again on the front burner. According to the Les Grove Community Campus Committee chair, Rich Wagner, some changes in design have been made. Due to the delay, the cutting edge of technology has moved on, and the committee wants the finale design to reflect this.

Among the original plans that will remain unchanged are the size, which is 20,100-square feet. Additionally, the building will be single-story and will contain a lobby area, two classrooms, a warming kitchen, and an administrative area. A gathering area able to accommodate 450 people opening out onto a patio is also called for. Plans for the parking lot still calls for 128 spaces.

Adaptions to the original plans, due to advances in technology are mainly in the area of lighting and acoustics. According to Wagner, the Committee is requesting a lighting study.

Community centers enrich an area in a variety of way,s including being an educational resource for residents of all ages. Partnering with brochure printers, the center makes information on a wide range of subject readily available to the public.