Auburn becomes Innovation Partnership Zone

May 14, 2012 by  

Auburn is the latest to city to be named as an Innovative Partnership Zone (IPZ); one of just 14 cities throughout Washington state to be given the four-year designation.

Designed to empower the creation of new technologies and products, while providing stimulus for employment growth, the IPZ status hopes to promote research and development in the world of commerce.

With another aim to promote start-up companies too, professionals and entrepreneurs in Auburn will need to ensure they have taken care of their business card printing .

The business plan denotes achieving a sustainable marketplace as a primary aim, and will work to do this through a public/private partnership (PPP). This PPP, between Washington State University and the City, will exploit Auburn’s diverse industry and introduce workforce development plans.

Another aim will see a rebranding of many industrial areas in order to attract new businesses looking for affordable workspaces.

The designation builds on a long period of hard work by the city authorities to stimulate the local economy. With many new and innovative strategies introduced over this period, the notification that Auburn is to become an IPZ, and all the support that comes with this, has been welcomed.

Speaking about the designation, the Mayor of Auburn, Pete Lewis, said:

“Our City has been working for some time to create an environment that supports economic growth and we could not be more proud to receive this designation,

“This is precisely what our City Council has been strategically working towards with all our improvements in service delivery, regulatory reforms, our significant investment into public infrastructure, and our ongoing program of new business incentives”.