Orem trail not quite ready for public use

March 6, 2013 by  

Although Murdock Canal Trail is scheduled to be completed well in advance of its estimated completion date, Utah officials want to stress to the public that the trail is not quite ready to be used yet.

The trail, a 16-mile route over a former canal, runs through eight cities in Utah, Orem among them. Construction is still going on along the trail, meaning it is not safe for people to walk, run, or bike on it.

Cindy Gubler, a spokesperson for the trail, noted that around 50 people were spotted on one part of the trail one morning recently. She and other officials are concerned that more people will be attracted to the trail as the weather continues to improve throughout March.

The official opening day for the trail is May 18. Celebrations are planned in each city through which the trail runs. Details for each celebration have not been finalized yet, but the public will be welcome to attend and to start using the trail on that day. Orem printing services can be made use of to spread the word about the trail’s opening day and the events planned for that day.

Trails have played a critical role in the economic development of the state of Utah recently. The newest trail exists over the former Murdock Canal, which has been piped. The canal was originally constructed in 1911 and expanded in 1944. It stretches from Provo Canyon to Point of the Mountain. The new trail will give people a place to enjoy nature and physical activity without worrying about motor vehicles.