Orem gardens to host jack-o-lantern fun

October 15, 2013 by  

An outdoor attraction in Orem is gearing up to host a day of pre-Halloween festivities for the whole family. In under two weeks’ time, Central Utah Gardens will be holding its fourth annual Pumpkin Walk. A print company may be producing flyers and posters to promote this event throughout the Utah Valley.

During the Pumpkin Walk, visitors will have a chance to stroll through the gardens and take in the venue’s landscaping scheme for the fall season. They will also be able to view a variety of pumpkins that members of the community have brought to the grounds as part of a carving contest. These decorated jack-o-lanterns will be placed among the gardens’ numerous plants and will be the work of both children and adults.

Attendees will enjoy taking family pictures in front of Halloween-themed backdrops and engaging in kid-friendly activities and games. Each visitor who arrives at the event wearing a costume will receive a free donut. Employees from Central Utah Gardens will also be offering several ‘Puking Pumpkin’ demonstrations, during which they will make seeds spew from jack-o-lanterns’ mouths.

The Pumpkin Walk will be free to attend. It will run from noon until 8:00 pm on Saturday, October 26.

Those interested in carving pumpkins for the walk are still welcome to do so. They will simply need to fill out entry forms and deliver their jack-o-lanterns to the gardens before 6:00 pm on Friday, October 25.

The address for Central Utah Gardens is 355 West University Parkway.