Large-scale storytelling event returning to Orem

August 17, 2013 by  

Thousands of children and adults are preparing to gather in Orem to enjoy folklore from some of the country’s most renowned narrators. For the 24th straight year, the city will be playing host to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Banner printing may be on the rise as numerous organizers, sponsors, and volunteers work to make this end-of-summer event a grand success.

The festival is the largest of its kind in the western United States and has become a popular tradition in the Utah Valley. Attendees of all ages will listen to tales from dozens of animated speakers. This year’s performers will include British-American Geraldine Buckley, Cuban-American Carmen Deedy, and Donald Davis, a native of the Appalachian region who has been a favorite at the event from its earliest days.

The celebration will also include storytelling workshops that are geared toward schoolteachers, genealogists, and other public speakers. In addition, those who turn out for the event will be able to hear acoustic music and sample dishes from a variety of restaurants that are headquartered in Utah.

The storytelling festival will run from Thursday, August 29 through Saturday, August 31. Performances will only take place during the evening on the Thursday, but will continue throughout the day on both the Friday and the Saturday.

The festivities will be held at Mount Timpanogos Park. Attendees will have the option of parking in various locations around town and catching shuttles to the event location. Those seeking further details, including ticket price information, should call (801) 229-7436.