Business forum to take place in Orem

February 16, 2013 by  

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce will soon be teaming up with the city of Orem to give local business owners a chance to express their concerns and hopes for the future.

Next week, the two organizations will be hosting a forum at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course. Business card printing will likely increase as the parties involved prepare for this special event.

Orem’s municipal leaders plan to discuss options for making the downtown area of the city more walkable. They will also ask for business owners’ input on the matter of revitalizing State Street. Calls to upgrade sections of this main thoroughfare have been increasing over the past several years. Some commercial areas along State Street, such as Midtown Village, are already preparing to announce plans for reconstruction.

Several new businesses, including a Sketchers shoe store, have cemented plans to set up shop in Orem. At the same time, other businesses are leaving the city. University Mall has been particularly hard-hit, having lost several of its tenants in recent months and years. Business owners who are still operating in the area worry that such declines will negatively affect their own endeavors.

Since Orem is one of the larger cities in the Utah Valley, leaders of the region’s Chamber of Commerce have decided to become involved in talks regarding the state of its economy. They hope that their presence will foster positive dialogue between business and city leaders.

The forum will take place at 730 South Sleepy Ridge Drive on Tuesday, February 19, and will run between 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm.