Utah Housing Corp helps recession victims obtain houses again

April 10, 2012 by  

15 miles from Cottonwood Heights, in nearby Salt Lake City, the Utah Housing Corp. is helping past and present home owners to obtain new home ownership. The Utah Housing Corp. is helping specifically those home owners hit by the recession.

The Utah Housing Corp. is assisting potential home owners with mortgage options to help in these potential home owners with their down payments. This can be accomplished through the Score Loan and the Home Again programs.

The Utah Housing Corp. utilizes brochure printers to print brochures educating the public on the programs’ requirements. To qualify for the Score Loan and Home Again programs, each house, condominium, townhome and the like has to meet the property standards of the Federal Housing Administration.

Some people have money for a monthly payment on a mortgage, but can’t save up for the down payment to get a home. Helping Utahns obtain homes is the goal of the Utah Housing Corp. Not only does it help to get people into homes, but the Utah Housing Corp. helps to boost the US’s economy. The Utah Housing Corp. has been helping Utah residents since 1975.

There’s hope again for people who lost their homes or those who seek to own a home for the first time. Buyers who earn up to $81 thousand per annum may qualify for the Score Loan and Home again programs through the Utah Housing Corp. For more information, visit the Utah Housing Corp.’s website or refer to the Utah Housing Corp.‘s brochure on the program.