CEO Space Utah promotes Free Enterprise as part of March schedule

March 5, 2012 by  

CEO Space Utah is holding its next event on the 7th and is also promoting the upcoming Free Enterprise Forum as a part of its March agenda.

During lunch hour at a quarter to noon, CEO Space Utah’s “Weekly Cooperative Luncheon” is going to be taking place in Orem. Given the wide range of professions represented in the group’s members, attendees have a chance to rub elbows with potential investors and to make connections with other professionals. Being hosted by the president of CEO Space, Steve Weisenburger, the chosen venue for this gathering is Mimi’s Café. With the only costs being those associated with buying lunch, this meet-up is one worth keeping an eye on.

That being said, there’s at least one other CEO Space Utah function that local professionals should be getting business card printing ready for.

With respect to the Free Enterprise Forum, CEO Space Utah has announced on their page that the location has changed due to the positive response people have had to it. Going from the 18th to the 25th this year, business owners are invited to come out and participate in a week’s worth of professional development training. Providing quality with its credentialed advisors and accommodating people’s needs with childcare options, this is a series of workshops that’s suitable for both experienced and budding entrepreneurs.

Since the group isn’t based too far away from Cottonwood Heights, CEO Space Utah is an excellent opportunity to network with other businesspeople while acquiring valuable skills in the process.