Antiques Appraisal Fair being held May 5th

May 2, 2012 by  

Cottonwood Heights residents and professionals alike have plenty to look forward to with the Antiques Appraisal Fair and Antique Show and the tickets available for this year’s UtahJS Conference providing an interesting contrast as far as nearby events are concerned.

The activity begins almost right away with the Antiques Appraisal Fair and Antique Show. Taking place May 5th in Sandy, the fun and games start fairly early in the morning at 10:00 AM and ending later in the afternoon at 4:00 PM. For just $3 an item, people have the option of bringing in those family heirlooms and old books in and letting reputable professionals in Nate Bischoff (Bear Cat Antiques), Ken Sanders (Ken Sanders Rare Books), and Gary Thompson (Gary Thompson Antiques) give their opinions on them. With the Utah Antique Dealers Association acting as event sponsors, attendance is going to be free otherwise. Either way it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday.

While the Antique Show is still on people’s minds, it’s also worth pointing out that technologically-inclined individuals have the option of buying tickets for the 2012 UtahJS Conference. Bringing the focus once again to the Internet and the specific details involved with understanding and using Microsoft’s HTML5 to its fullest potential, this is another event that print companies will likely be working hard in anticipation of.

The presence of respected JavaScript expert Doris Chen serves to further emphasize the depth of knowledge that’s evident in the speakers. Whether going as a business owner or as an interested individual, there’s plenty of information up for grabs at this one.