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Forbes ranked Utah number one in their list of ‘Best States for Business’ back in October 2010. An article featuring in Newsweek just one month later praised the state, and Salt Lake City, in particular, citing it the “the new economic zion”. It also talked about the area’s ability to appeal to high-tech corporations as well as bringing in high-paying jobs, at the time of a recession. The state wouldn’t be able to operate so impressively, economically, if it wasn’t for businesses with the ability to provide the necessary cogs in the marketing machine, such as printing. Business support firms such as a printing company in Utah helps ensure that the economy continues to thrive by fulfilling orders in a timely manner. They can help businesses with sales literature such as catalog printing and brochure printing as well as promotional material such as banners and poster printing.

The geology of Utah sees a wonderful variety of colours and shapes. Elevations can be seen to rise and fall dramatically in the shapes of plateaus, buttes, and mountains with the highest reaching over an impressive 13,000 feet. There are hidden treasures within the landscapes as well as experiences with the ability to appeal to everyone.

Utah is a unique state, with its sheer wealth of variety of recreational activities, geology and landscapes. The national parks are highly regarded throughout the US but there is so much more to see and do. Competition is high when it comes to attracting the attention of both residents and tourists. Any company offering services such as recreation needs to ensure that it can stand out among the crowd and that this is shown in the message that they convey through their promotion as well as the presentation of their promotional material. A Utah print company can assist them with their printing needs to ensure that their message gets across.

Utah is famous for its winter-based activities and tourism has been on the rise ever since the Winter Olympics in 2002. The US ski team has its home base here in Park City. The ski resorts are mainly in northern Utah, close to Salt Lake City. Ski Magazine saw 20,000 readers vote Deer Valley in Park City the top ski resort in the country, for several years in a row.

There are numerous cultural attractions in Utah such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Temple Square is Utah’s most popular attraction, seeing more than five million visitors a year. Forbes Magazine ranked it 16th in the most visited tourist attractions in the country. For this reason, it may not have as much cause as to make itself known to visitors as other attractions but there is so much to see and do at Temple Square, that those who have never visited before couldn’t possibly remember everything that they’ve heard about. So it certainly wouldn’t hurt to use flyer printing to promote services to them when making their way around the area. A print company in Utah can assist the Utah Office of tourism as well as any other business in the area looking to promote themselves and their products or services.

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