Unlucky for some in Oregon spine-chiller

September 26, 2013 by  

The 13th Door Haunted House Tour invites guests to join in and enjoy what bills itself as “Oregon’s Icon of Fear” again this year – if they dare!

Now that it has moved to a new location, it seems more than likely that the organizers will want to publicize it with the help of flyer and poster printing companies in the area.

This new location has endless rooms and hallways, and all sorts of demented creatures that lurk on the unhallowed grounds. Accompanied by thrilling sets, animations, and skilled actors, participants can expect to be petrified by the zombies in the old and overgrown cemetery, and there will be twisted dark tunnels and terrifying dogs. Brave (or foolish) thrill-seekers should be particularly aware of the butcher who may be traveling the grounds and places that they may believe are safe shelters, but are actually home to something rather more unsettling!

Attendees are warned that the violence and scenes on the tour are very realistic, and advise that the event is not suitable for under-13s without adult supervision. The organizers also point out that refunds cannot be provided.

The cost to attend is $15 per person, and the tour will be occurring this Saturday, September 28, starting at 7:00 pm at 3855 SW Murray Blvd. in Beaverton, Oregon, just a short drive from Wilsonville. To learn more about this haunted tour, or to purchase tickets, please visit the 13th Door website or call the box office during business hours.