Support offered to local breastfeeding mothers

January 31, 2013 by  

An upcoming ‘Le Leche League Breastfeeding Support Meeting’ is being offered to all moms who are breastfeeding their babies. At this meeting, experienced mothers and accredited Le Leche League professionals will be on hand to assist new moms with all aspects of breastfeeding. Poster printing and flyer printing may have been used to share the meeting information with mothers throughout the area.

This meeting is designed to assist experienced moms, new moms, and mothers-to-be with breastfeeding support. Today, mothers are usually released within a couple days of giving birth and can sometimes experience some troubles once they arrive home. This group has highly-trained professional and experienced moms to guide those going through difficulties with support through its monthly meetings or phone support at any time it is required.

Monthly meetings for this group are held the third Monday each month and mothers are encouraged to bring their babies. At this support meeting, all questions will be answered and additional information and brochures will be available. Mothers are encouraged to come out and meet new people and start building a social network of friends and opportunities early.

Admission to this event is free and all nursing and pregnant moms-to-be are welcome. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 6, at the St. James Episcopal Church located at 11511 SW Bull Mountain Road in Tigard, Oregon. For additional information, please visit the La Leche League website or call Aria at 503-308-3120 or Karen at 503-935-1794.