Volcano Choir set to erupt next week

January 19, 2014 by  

Four years since the release of their first album ‘Unmap’ which provided insight into the mindset of the band Volcano Choir, their new album ‘Repave’ brings the group into sharp focus as a gifted rock band. No doubt poster printing companies in the area are currently being asked to let people know that the group will be performing in Portland next week.

Over the years, the band has developed and emerged as a solid rock offering consisting of Jon Mueller, Thomas Wincek, Justin Vernon, Daniel Spack, Matthew Skemp, and Chris Rosenau. As part of their music, the band always looks to inject openness to each song and to reflect truth, loss, sadness, and change.

Following the release of their second album, the now stands on its own and has built a solid following of loyal fans. All their music rumbles with endless power and explodes through amplified instruments. The old-school influences are obvious, but reviewers say the music is built on the emotions felt by the band members and the years they have spent together.

Tickets for this performance cost between $20 and $23, and it is suitable for all age groups. Volcano Choir will be appearing live on Thursday, January 23, at 7:30 pm at the Wonder Ballroom located at 128 NE Russell Street in Portland, Oregon. To find out more about the band, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Wonder Ballroom website or call the box office during normal business hours.