Stellaluna at the Tears of Joy Theatre

March 27, 2012 by  

On Saturday, April 21, 2012 the Tears of Joy Theatre will be presenting “Stellaluna” at the Winningstad Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon. This enchanting performance of puppetry, for the whole family, will begin at 11am.

This play has been adapted from a popular book by Jannell Cannon, entitled “Stellaluna”. This play has a charming storyline about a baby fruit bat, who accidentally tumbles into a bird’s nest. Stellaluna, the baby bat, attempts to act like the other baby birds in her newly found home, but always finds herself to be different and the one left out. Usually found hanging upside down by her feet, Stellaluna is discouraged and disgusted by the insects and bugs that the mother bird continues to bring home for her babies for dinner. It is to her relief that suddenly she discovers she is a bat, and not a bird after all.

The Tears of Joy Theatre creates a world of diversity through the magical of use of puppetry. These performances are designed to teach and enrich children’s lives by offering them a chance to create, perform and explore creative expressionism. This theatre is resident at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Print companies’ printing services probably have supplied many of the programs used by this touring company, as well as poster printing, flyer printing and banner printing for similar performances in the Portland area.

Tickets for this performance are $22.50 for adults and $19.50 for children under twelve. To find out more information or to reserve tickets, please visit the Tears of Joy Theatre website, or call 503-248-0557 or toll free 800-332-8692.