‘Small Fire’ kindles in Portland

February 28, 2014 by  

‘A Small Fire’ is a theatrical performance written by Adam Bock, and is a study in humanity that is funny, raucous, and touching, featuring a story about love and happiness when all else appears to be lost. Printing services may have been used to make this performance, which runs for almost a full month, available to this community.

In this story, a couple that has been married a long time, Emily and John Bridges, are happy middle-class people with a wonderful life, but this is upended when Emily is faced a mysterious disease that slowly strips her of her senses. This experience changes he life, and forces her to behave differently.

As the senses fade, she becomes totally dependent on her husband, whose undying devotion she had taken for granted over the years. This story has unforgettable characters and a completely original storyline featuring deep humanity and frank observation of how much love, happiness, and life are possible, even when much of it appears to be lost.

Ticket prices for this performance vary depending on the seating selected. ‘A Small Fire’ will be on stage up until March 22nd at the Gerding Theatre located at 128 NW 11th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. To find out ticket prices and performance times, please visit the Gerding Theater website or call the box office.