Serenity graces Portland

May 7, 2013 by  

May 2013 represents the 50th anniversary of the Art in the Garden series, held in the Portland Japanese Garden.

The exhibition will focus on Eastern and Western styles coming together and creating beauty. This theme is one that the Portland Japanese Garden has displayed and celebrated for the past 50 years, often shedding light on new and innovative perspectives from varied artists.

This year, the work of Isamu Noguchi, Toko Shinoda, and Sueharu Fukami will brighten the gardens, displaying the artistic visions of each of these talented artists.

Noguchi was a Japanese landscape architect known primarily for his publically displayed sculptures and architectural creations. Shinoda is an incredibly talented calligraphy artist whose work is so astounding that TIME magazine declared her achievements comparable to those of Picasso. Fukami – the youngest of the three – is a visual artist known for stunning sculptures that make simple shapes deeply moving.

Together, the work of these three artists will create a visually tantalizing display of Western-influenced Japanese artistry like never before. This beautiful Portland exhibit allows local businesses the chance to make use of flyer printing offered by local print companies to gain publicity.

The garden exhibit opened for viewing from Friday, May 3, and will run until Sunday, July 21, open to those who stop by 611 SW Kingston Ave. The gates open by 10:00 am Tuesday through Sunday and at noon on Mondays. Visitors are welcome to stay until 7:00 pm Saturday through Thursday and until 9:00 pm on Fridays. Full-day admission ranges from $6.75 to $9.50.