Portland to be Poles apart this weekend

September 20, 2013 by  

The 20th Annual Polish Festival is looking set to be a great family event with non-stop performances on stage and plenty of activities based on Polish history and culture.

A great learning opportunity too, it has many virtues worth promoting, perhaps with the help of brochure printers, to people in the City of Portland and the surrounding cities and towns.

This year, the Polish Festival, a two-day event, features a great selection of Polish music, dance, and food for the entire family to enjoy. There will be a number of dance groups performing on the stage, including the Polish School Dancers, the Polonez Dance group, the Agnieszka Laska Dancers, and the Oregon Polka Beats.

The musical line-up includes the Heritage Jazz Band, Leonard Kosatka on accordion, Ashia Grzesik and Bison Rouge. During the festival, there will be a special surprise presentation, a polka contest, and a street dance with Chervona. Guests will enjoy imported Polish beer and a vast selection of tasty Polish treats. This event bills itself as the best Polish festival in the Northwest and seeks to offer something for everyone, including children.

The 20th Annual Polish Festival is free to attend will be happening tomorrow, September 21, starting at 11:00 am and Sunday, September 22, starting at 12:00 pm. It takes place between the St. Stanislaus Church and the Polish Library Hall located at 3832 N. Interstate Avenue in Portland, Oregon. To check out the schedule of events, please visit the Portland Polish Festival website.