Portland theater fans can enjoy ‘Enjoy’

January 17, 2014 by  

The production ‘Enjoy’ gets underway this evening and is a hip comedy designed to shake up the audience while infuriating, annoying, challenging, and rewarding them all at the same time.

This comedy was written by Toshiki Okada, and the CoHo Production Company may have used methods like banner printing and poster printing to advertise it to people in the city and the surrounding area.

The setting for this comedy play is a coffee and comic book store in which several Japanese hippies and slackers have lived out their lives through moral dilemmas, rivalries, break-ups, and loves. In this highly interactive setting, and with the presence of a young and beautiful co-worker, the hippy slackers are forced to question the true meaning of life in a socially shifting economy and to come up with ways to cope with the pressures of day-to-day living. This play is being co-produced by Mr. Michael Griggs and casts Jim Vadala, Matthew Sunderland, Anne Sorce, Corey Maier, Heath Hyun Houghton, Brenan Dwyer, Sean Doran, and Ty Boice. The English translation for it was put together by Aya Ogawa.

Ticket prices vary depending on seating selection. The performance of Enjoy will be occurring from this evening (January 17) until Saturday, February 8th at 7:30 pm at the CoHo Theatre located at 2257 North West Raleigh Street in Portland, Oregon. To purchase tickets, or to find out more about the play’s cast, please visit the CoHo Theatre’s website or call the box office.