E-scooter companies appeal to Portland not to pull permits

November 18, 2018 by  

Time is running out in Portland’s four-month trial with electric scooters, and the three companies that held legal operating permits here have requested a change of heart from the city.

E-scooter companies Bird, Lime, and Skip, cited the popularity of the two-wheeled transportation option as well as the economic value it provides Portland’s residents. Additionally, the companies pointed out that scooter riders assist Portland in meeting its climate goals by reducing the number of cars on the road. However, the city has not yet been swayed

Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesman John Brady noted that the city had made it perfectly clear that the trial run would end this Tuesday, November 20. Two e-scooter companies, Lime and Bird, submitted letters to City Council and Portland transportation officials asking for an extension, to no avail. The third company, Skip, has also contacted city leaders about reconsidering their timeline.

In addition to approaching the city, the e-scooter companies have enlisted users to contact Portland officials with positive comments to encourage a continuation of the rental services. According to the city, over 600 messages were sent on the scooter companies’ behalf.

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Portland officials say they anticipate that after gathering more data, they will be able early next year to issue a full report, which will determine the future of e-scooters here.