Another Portland First Thursday on the horizon

March 29, 2013 by  

This month’s ‘First Thursday’ event included an appearance from abstract artist James Leonard, and local art lovers still just about have time to catch his exhibition at the Shaffer Fine Art Gallery before it concludes this Sunday, March 31.

Portland’s Art Dealers Association (PADA) organized the first gallery art walk 26 years ago, and it was decided that on the first Thursday of every month, the members of the Association would open their doors and provide refreshments and live music for art aficionados as they meandered leisurely from gallery to gallery. As the years passed, the enthusiasm spread to other area businesses, many of which now hold their own concurrent ‘First Thursday’ events emphasizing art and culture. Of course, with a new month starting next week, a haul of new artistic entertainment will be on the way.

Today, as visitors make their way through the eighteen galleries in the Pearl District, Old Town-Chinatown and Downtown, art of every variety is on display. Painting and sculpture are comprehensively represented, of course, as well as photography. If those sound a little too mainstream, there is also fiber art (quilting, tapestry, and other fabric endeavors), glass art (transport with care), and video art (better than reality T.V., and viewers only have to pay for it once).

Hours for the walk are generally 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, although exact hours may vary and can be found at the PADA Oregon website. On April 4, guests can show up when it is convenient, browse until late, and knock a little dust off.