A Jurassic time to be had in Portland

August 15, 2013 by  

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice is being presented right now by the Portland Children’s Museum and is designed to teach children, using hands-on activities, about the changing environmental climate and fossils from long ago. Poster printing and other printing services may have been used to promote this environmentally-friendly session to children that live in this community and nearby.

During this exhibition, children who attend will have the opportunity to learn about the dinosaurs that roamed the earth and what the climate was like during that period, as well as theories on why they became extinct. As part of the hands-on training, children will have the chance to view oozing volcanoes, a selection of fossils from that era, and study the landscapes and investigating size, shape, and items left behind.

This exhibition features a warm dinosaur environment, a cold dinosaur habitat, a field research station and a big dig area, in which guests will be able to uncover bones from dinosaurs and study other fossils to see what dinosaur they came from. There are detailed murals and low walls to enable children to view the entire exhibition throughout.

The exhibit is included in the museum admission price, and will be running until August 22, during regular museum hours, at the Portland Children’s Museum located at 4015 S. W. Canyon Road in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about this exhibition, or the opening hours, please visit the museum’s website or call it during business hours.