Oregonians to see a performance that gets better with age

January 24, 2014 by  

The comedy ‘Aged to Perfection’ is a romp about life and pursuit of happiness that looks set to have viewers rolling in their seats until the tears run down their cheeks. The promoters may have used services like poster printing and flyer printing to share information about this comedic production with people from this community and the surrounding regions.

The setting is a somewhat rundown vineyard of an estate located in Oregon. Maggie Dubois is a member of dysfunctional family who inherits the estate with the other members of her family. The estate comes with three senior women who were all friends of the deceased owner. The family finds all this information out when the will is read, and also learns that the three elderly ladies cannot be put out on the street, so to speak, as long as they are alive. They also find out that as long as these three ladies are alive, the estate cannot be sold. This production is sure to touch the audiences’ heart and have them laughing through the tears.

Tickets for this performance cost $10 per person. Aged to Perfection will be performed tomorrow afternoon, January 25, at 2:00 pm at the Lakewood Center for the Arts located at 368 South State Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon, just down the road from Oregon City. To purchase tickets or learn more about this production, please visit the Lakewood Center for the Arts website or call the box office during business hours.