Capitalism explored by tomorrow’s film presentation

January 31, 2013 by  

‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ was created by Michael Moore and is returning home at the same time as Moore’s outstanding masterpiece ‘Roger and Me’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary. A presentation of the film tomorrow evening will no doubt be of interest to those who view capitalism with a degree of skepticism.

This special film explores the impact that corporate dominance has had on the daily lives of average Americans. Poster printing was likely the chosen method for promoting this eye-opening film to residents in this community and the surrounding areas.

This film is a feature presentation of the Pioneer Community Center’s ‘First Friday Film Series’ and examines the way in which life in America has changed as a result of corporations growing in size and power. Moore has been studying this phenomenon throughout his extensive career and believes this is an issue that affects the whole of the country.

During this film presentation there will be a selection of light refreshments served. Guests who attend this filming might be surprised to learn the impact big business has had on the average citizen in this nation. Parking for this film evening is available at many locations.

The evening film presentation is free to attend and all are welcome. ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ will be screened on tomorrow, February 1, starting at 6:30 pm at the Pioneer Community Center in Oregon City. To reserve seating, please visit the Pioneer Community Center website or call Lynda Ackerson at 503-657-8269.