Learning experience on offer to Medford adventure-seekers

September 19, 2013 by  

The Wilderness Vision Quest is a spiritual journey of self-discovery and change set to see in this weekend. This quest itself is four days long and forms part of a week-long camping adventure . No doubt several printing services have been used to make this quest possible for people in the community, as well as those who live in surrounding communities.

People planning to attend the event will need to bring all camping supplies to be used in the base camp during the quest period. Supplies such as meals, land use, insurance, and toilet rentals are covered by donations.

Those who are interested in attending must visit the website and download the application forms, as well as submit a brief letter about themselves and the reason they are seeking the quest. A photograph must also be included with the letter and application form, which will be used to gather the personal energy of applicants and see how compatible the group is. There is a limit of 21 campers permitted on the quest. Donations are accepted to help offset the costs incurred, although no one will be turned away if they are unable to pay.

The cost to attend the quest is $100 deposit, plus a donation, and it will be happening from Friday, September 20 to Friday, September 27 at the Coyote Nature Center, Coyote Trails High Camp, located at 2931 South Pacific Highway in Medford, Oregon. To learn more about this camping adventure and quest, or to register, please visit the Coyote Nature Center website or call 541-772-1390.