Go for gold on Saturday

May 31, 2012 by  

On Saturday, June 2, Gold Dust Day will take place just fourteen miles north of Medford, Oregon in Downtown Gold Hill. This is an all-day event and guests are reminded that it takes place outdoors, so appropriate clothing, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses may be required.

During Gold Dust Day, the community and surrounding communities as a whole come together to enjoy the long and rich history of the area, going back to when the “Gold Rush” drove men to leave their families and spend hard times panning rivers, prospecting the mines, and enduring a community camp-like atmosphere. Opening this great historic event is the Gold Dust Day Parade, following which guests will enjoy a volley of activities including pony rides, dunk tanks, butter churning, panning for gold, and many other activities depicting the history of the time.

Besides participating in planned activities, guests will enjoy a wide variety of craft vendors and foods from the local area. They are invited to check out Gold Hill’s museum to learn more about the “Gold Rush” days and the history of the area. Gold during this period was discovered near the Rogue River and, soon after the discovery, the railroad arrived in Gold Hill to assist with making gold transportation easier.

Flyer printing and other printing services were probably used to advertise and promote this annual historic event. This is a family-friendly day and has no admission fee. For more information on Gold Dust Day, please visit the Gold Dust Day website or call the Gold Hill Museum.