Elephant Man performances now underway

March 23, 2013 by  

The ‘Elephant Man’ is a dramatically poignant production that is being directed by Michael Meyer, and can be seen in Medford over the next two weeks.

This play is heart-wrenching and riveting and shows the compassionate side of human nature, as well as teaching life lessons on trust and humanity. Brochure printer may have been used to promote this touching play to people in this region.

The elephant man tells the real life story of Joseph Merrick (usually mistakenly referred to by the first name ‘John’, as is the case in this play), who is a friendly and intelligent gentleman inflicted a severe deformity. As the play is set in the Victorian times in English society, his disfiguring deformity is not understood by the locals who shun and persecute him.

Eventually, Merrick is discovered by a wonderful doctor who not only treats him like a human being, but honestly cares about his well-being. The play is filled with emotion and will touch the heart of the audience. Throughout the show, the audience will relive life through Merricks’s eyes and learn lessons about humanity and what it is really like to trust someone, after being mistreated.

Ticket prices vary depending on the seating selected. The Elephant Man will be performed from right through to Saturday, April 6, at various times at the Randall Theatre Company located at 10E Third Street in Medford, Oregon. To learn more about this production or the times, please visit the Randall Theatre Company website or call the box office at 541-632-3258 during normal business hours.