Pumpkins and pumping cannons this month

October 11, 2012 by  

For the second year in a row, shots have rung out on the Mahaffy Ranch near Coos Bay during the annual fall pumpkin fest. For just one dollar for two shots, visitors can aim an air-powered cannon that spews out corn for a distance of three football fields. The highly popular corn cannon is one of the principal attractions at the fall celebration for adults who want to try it and for kids who cheer their parents on.

This year, two targets have been designated for visitors to shoot corn at. Participants can aim and fire the loaded cannon and try to hit a UO Duck sign or an OSU Beavers banner.

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Besides using corn as a projectile, visitor can pick a pumpkin right off the vine in the seven-acre pumpkin patch – an illustrious contrast to the usual method of picking one out of the bin at the supermarket. For at least the next two weeks, visitors can enjoy a different activity at the Ranch every day of the week.