Forget the gold, just dig that sand

December 17, 2012 by  

A sand mining operation is planned in Coos Bay, although it is not the value of the sand but what is underneath the sand that is the reason for the work.

A 69-acre parcel of land on Ocean Boulevard is a prime location for development, but only if about four million cubic yards of sand are removed. Therefore, in order to make way for a 500-unit complex to be built, the Ocean Grove Development Group is in the market for someone to mine the sand and haul it away.

The proposed complex is the beginning of what Ocean Grove Development sees as a revitalization of industry in Coos Bay. With monies from the Department of Homeland Security, private investors, and a number of publicly traded corporations being invested here, this area is expecting to experience growth in several industries. The vision for Coos Bay includes transforming the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay into a transportation Hub that will attract even more industries. First, however, all of that sand has to disappear.

Sand is in demand for many uses, depending on its size, shape and mineral content. The question is how far the sand will have to be transported to find somebody interested in taking it. Fracking operations use sand, as do glass manufacturers. Sand is also useful to repair beach erosion.

Once the sand is shifted and building work gets going, printing companies will likely have some part in finding tenants for the 500 units within the proposed complex