Beaverton receives a healthy grant

October 2, 2012 by  

The Centers for Disease Control awarded $1.6 million in grant money to the City of Beaverton, Oregon at the end of September, so it can develop a ‘health and wellness center’ and to enable regional health organizations to fight common problems like obesity and diabetes, reducing the incidence of heart attack and stroke.

The grant will help fund the work of an umbrella organization called the ‘Beaverton Community Health Partnership’, which is comprised of approximately ten different health care organizations. The partnership aims to foster strong relationships being public and nonprofit organizations.

The Oregon Solutions uses a concept called “community governance”, which it describes as:

“…a process whereby community leaders join forces to define a problem, agree on a solution, and collaborate towards a resolution.”

It brings the civic, nonprofit, and business sectors together to work as a team and solve the problem. The Beaverton project is only one of 60 currently ongoing as an Oregon Solution.

The proposed health center will become a one-stop location for various health matters that are currently scattered around the city, creating barriers to access for low-income patients. Bringing them together will enable the various providers to mesh their programs and provide multiple services to special needs patients and low and middle-income Beaverton residents.

No date has been given for expected completion of the project. As the work continues, the community and providers involved could seek brochure printers to keep residents apprised of progress. They might also make flyers available around town for the same reason.