A new public safety building for Beaverton

December 6, 2012 by  

The Beaverton, Oregon, Police Department is running out of space, as is the city’s municipal court, according to a report dated November 21, 2012. It has only two-thirds of the space it needs, and the building housing the two agencies does not meet the seismic standards Oregon has set for its police departments. Beaverton has decided that a new building is needed to insure the safety of police and court personnel.

The Beaverton City Council is considering building on one of three properties. The first is the current site of City Hall; the second is the former Westgate Theatre, located on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard; and the third is near the library, at Fifth Street and Southwest Hall Boulevard. The city owns all three sites.

According to architectural consultants from the Group Mackenzie firm, each of the three would take approximately 30 months to complete and cost somewhere in the area of $50m.

A fourth option is to move all the city offices except the police and the court to the South Office Building, which was purchased by the city last spring. If all the other offices moved out and left only the police and municipal court in their present location, they would have sufficient space to operate effectively. However, the building would still require a retrofit to meet seismic standards.

Funding for any of these options will be provided by a bond measure that will increase property taxes. One option for Beaverton would be to approach a local print company for some flyer printing to explain the problem, the anticipated growth in the police department, and its need for increased space.