Scheels Kids’ Triathlon to take place in Sparks

June 22, 2013 by  

Children in Nevada are gearing up for a day of sporting fun when the the Scheels Kids’ Triathlon comes to Sparks Marina Park next month.

The first leg of the triathlon will be the water race, with children swimming in the marina lake. A bike race of 1.8 miles around the Marina area will be the second part of the event. The last activity will see the participants running down the peninsula.

Parents may participate with their children in the biking segment, and will be allowed and encouraged to cheer the kids on through the other courses.

Race organizers are expected to work closely with printing companies to source banners and other promotional materials for the event. Banners can be used to mark the routes and guide the participants appropriately. They can be hung between poles, and on buildings or pillars.

The pre-registration fee is $18.00 but on the day of the event this will go up to $20.00 and will include a T-shirt and race bag. A medal for participation will also be awarded to each child. Registration can be organized through the Sparks Recreation Department or Scheels; forms are also online.

The Triathlon will take place on Saturday July 27, beginning at 8:00am. Children 12 years or younger will be introduced to the triathlon sports of swimming, cycling and running in a non-competitive environment.

Race participants and their parents should arrive at the Marina by 7:00am on the day of the event for the final registration process. For more information, visit the event website.