Cowboy Festival comes to Reno area

April 25, 2013 by  

Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just a few miles outside of the Reno area, the annual Genoa Cowboy Festival takes place in the historic town of Genoa, and is now just over a week away.

Genoa is where the first ranch in Nevada began, and it still has working ranches throughout the valley. Cowboys have been an integral part of the history of this area in Northern Nevada for centuries.

Poetry, western lifestyle, food, and music dominate the event, much to the joy of all attendees. The festival was officially created in 2010 with thousands of people winding through the hills to see the shows, galleries, exhibits, and workshops, while also trying out some excellent food.

The event does not take place in just one spot; it is spread throughout the region taking place at various ranches and parks. It kicks off at River Fork Ranch, where Jim Woods will lead ‘Birding at the River Fork’. A tour of the Carson Valley Ranch and Lunch at the JT will commence with a bus trip leaving at 9:00 am. A visit to the Native American Culture and Historic Center presents early life in the area and history associated. A demonstration of gear used by cowboys and horses will take place at Wrangler Rich.

The Genoa Cowboy Festival has complete information on the website, and takes place May 3 – 5. Organizers may find banner printing services useful, as printed items could be placed roadside and throughout the area, directing drivers to the multiple events.