Burning Man to rise again in August

July 27, 2013 by  

The famous Burning Man event will take place again this year in the Black Rock Desert outside Reno, Nevada. The event has been taking place every year for over 25 years and draws tens of thousands of visitors into the desert, creating “Black Rock City”. This is a temporary community that will feature the self-expression, art, and freedom of life seen at Burning Man.

Burning Man began as a small group of individuals gathering in 1986 to enjoy a temporary community in which freedom could be expressed in art, song, dance, poetry, readings, friendship, and pretty much any activity desired. It has been compared to the “Woodstock” event in the 1960s and is one of the most celebrated summer events in Northern and Central Nevada.

As Burning Man expanded by thousands of participants and volunteers over the years, it has become a cultural experience. It has reached other cities across the country where many similar events have evolved. This year will feature the ‘Cargo Cult’ as the theme, with several smaller ‘them villages’ also included.

Promoting interactive art and support of public art is the focus of the Black Rock Arts Foundation. Two thousand volunteers work throughout the year, as well as during the event, to plan and coordinate operations.

Print companies provide services such as flyer and banner printing to promote various events and activities in the region.

Burning Man will run from August 26 through to September 2.

Visit the Burning Man website for more information.