PVG Pitch Night March 13th

March 4, 2012 by  

Business owners and entrepreneurs from Colorado Springs have a Peak Venture Group (PVG) Pitch Night to attend March 13th.

Whether a company is just starting out or is looking to take that product line to the next level, the question of acquiring funds and establishing connections with other entrepreneurs is one that concerns everybody. According to the group’s meetup.com page, Colorado Springs’ Peak Venture Group (PVG) originally formed these Pitch Nights with the intention of bringing local businesspeople together. Today, these meet-ups are arranged by a group of local entrepreneurs who are interested in bringing professionals together.

With a membership of 161 professionals, an advantage of attending these meet-ups that’s been brought up by event organizers is that of gaining exposure. For those with fresh new ideas and concepts they’d like to discuss with experienced individuals, this is the place to find those resources.

On the same page, past attendees have relayed their experiences in reviews that range from descriptions as detailed as:

“The pitches were varied and interesting. The rules to pitch are much tighter and weed out the product hawkers and commercials which were like infomercials and not in sync with the purpose of the event. Enforcing the time limits is essential for an effective event—good work. Seems that this format peaks interest and drives discussion which is one of the main reasons for the meeting.” (sic.)

To blurbs as simple as:

“Love it.” (sic.)

Since it’s impossible to predict who exactly is going to show up for these events, it’s always good to arrive with a full supply of business card printing in hand.