Local chamber hosts marketing and networking presentations

April 2, 2012 by  

Between Chamber University and Chamber Rising Professionals, Colorado Springs professionals have an opportunity to learn quite a bit about networking and marketing throughout the month of April.

The activity starts on the 10th, with the Chamber University hosting a workshop going by the title “Marketing and Brand Image through Public Relations”. As this name would suggest, this talk will be focusing on the ways in which the owner of a small business can gain positive exposure through the savvy use of Public Relations.

Although the team can put together great campaigns and cast its nets wide in doing so, earning the trust of potential customers will ultimately come down to what kind of reputation the company has. For just $5 for members and $15 for non-members, local professionals can stop by and learn how to use Public Relations to better establish themselves in the market of their choice.

Following this is the Chamber Rising Professionals’ “New Best Friends – Playground Strategies for Market Dominance”. Whether dealing with potential clients or future business partners, successful business owners are the ones that focus on relationships.

After all, name recognition is often the factor that will convince people to respond to a flyer printing campaign when it comes out. In this presentation, Peter Husak of OfficeScapes will be explaining how the strategies that work towards helping an individual make friends in a social setting can be applied to professional relationships as well.

Where Colorado Springs business professionals are concerned, these two workshops are covering a subject or two worth looking into.