Colorado Springs handles stormwater and fat bikes at once

December 7, 2018 by  

Colorado Springs engineers have come up with a way that could solve the city’s problems with stormwater, and give fat bikers a trail to enjoy at the same time. Fittingly, the announcement came just before Global Fat Bike Day.

Jerry Cordova, the city’s stormwater education manager, said the erosion taking place around Sand Creek has been a problem for a time, but the city may have solved it with a new project, one that stabilizes a stormwater channel. The area can also be used as a trail by fat bikers.

Fat bikers are not overweight riders; the term refers to the bicycles they ride, which have larger (“fat”) tires than most bicycles. This allows riders to enjoy their sport year-round, on all terrain.

Cordova said Sand Creek is eroding approximately one foot per year. The usual solution to erosion is to bring in material, backfill, and place large boulders on top. This functional method is typically used since most areas treated are not open to the public. However, in the case of Sand Creek, the usual method held no appeal.

Instead, as the engineers worked near the Platte Avenue Bridge, they decided to create something for the community. When they filled in the area, instead of covering it with boulders, they transformed it into a trail that fat bikers will enjoy tackling. Officials who develop projects like this might use poster printing to create signs for the area.