Chamber University to host sales panel

June 1, 2012 by  

With both the Chamber Rising Professionals Golf League and the sales-oriented Chamber University event taking place this month, Colorado Springs business owners have no shortage of options available to them as far as events and opportunities to network go.

Beginning officially on the June 5 and continuing for a total of six weeks, members of the Chamber Rising Professionals group are getting a chance to interact with one another while enjoying a few rounds of golf. Being held at the Country Club of Colorado, the fun will start at 4:30 pm and end at 7:00 pm. One aspect of these events that’s particular appealing is the fact that the group has managed to include players of all skill levels.

With lessons available for those who aren’t yet as confident, there’s plenty of room to do some networking while also learning how to play the game. Simply because there’s a solid turnout expected, it can’t hurt for participants to make a habit of ordering business card printing while the golf league is still going on.

A week later, after the first of the Chamber Rising Professionals’ golfing events, the Chamber University will be hosting a sales panel. Featuring a panel made up of several respected sales experts, those present at this one will be able to hear from the best of the best. With these speakers discussing such topics as the cultivation of relationships as well as the logistics of finding leads and closing deals, business owners can’t go wrong in making an appearance here.