Upcoming Broomfield exhibition to showcase youth art

February 4, 2017 by  

Members of the public from Broomfield are invited to come to an event that will showcase the talents of young artist from the local area.

Student art will be the focus of the exhibition, which is being hosted by Broomfield Recreation Services. This yearly event features works created by local students who are in grades kindergarten to 12, which will be put on display in the Broomfield Community Center for the public to view and enjoy. To mark this celebration of youth artistic talent, a reception will be held for all the participants on the evening before the show. Banners, signs, and other decorations for this type of event can be both custom designed and produced by a printing services company.

Any young person from the community who is interested in having one of their pieces included in the upcoming Student Art Show is asked to discuss this with the art teacher at their school. They can help them to ensure that their work will be among the art on display.

This showcase of child and youth artistic talent will be held on March 11 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. The reception for the artists will take place on March 10 from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Anyone who would like additional information about the event is asked to visit Broomfield’s website for further details.