Broomfield invited to swap instead of shop

July 4, 2017 by  

Late summer is harvest time in Broomfield, and locals have been issued an invitation that can help them to share their bounty with others, while also making it stretch as far as possible.

The Mile High Food Swappers will be hosting an event that will see members and guests enjoying a day of exchanging fresh eggs and produce, as well as items they have baked or cooked, with others who would like to swap. Cash will not be welcomed, and everyone is invited to come and join in the fun and find out what this initiative is all about.

Each person who would like to participate has been asked to bring along at least five portions of a homemade dish, fruit, vegetables or other item they would like to swap. They do not all have to be the same thing, so long as they can be traded. Upon arrival, each person can browse through the food that is being offered, and then use the signup sheets provided to indicate they would like to trade. Each person is asked to bring along any extras servings they may have, as these will be donated to a local food bank for those in need. Flyer printing can be utilized to craft advertisements for an event such as this.

More information about this grassroots food-swapping initiative, which will be held on August 20 in Lafayette’s Isabelle Farm Barn at Thomas Open Space, can be found on the Mile High Swapper’s website.